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Cerita Liburan 

Bahasa Inggris

Famous Holiday Location in Paris: Historic Sites in France
1. Eiffel Tower
This tourist spot is the result of a series of iron 18,083 built between 1887 and 1889 Although built to celebrate a century of the French revolution, making himself invited criticism from all over France. Among artists assess the lack of beauty of Paris, was the architectural debate on the wind resistance of the structure. Even so, it remains true French icon visited by millions of people every year. Perhaps more people who want to see Paris from a height of 275 meters through the Observation Deck, including Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes at the famous romantic restaurant.

2. Champ Elysee
Being one of the elite in the Paris region are used as tourist attractions. Here agan will find a display case containing goods and famous perfume, in addition to expensive cafes that lined the road. Pedestrian comfort is also assured, given the width of the sidewalk here. Formerly, this number has been used for the Allied troops marched celebrate victory in World War II.

3. Arch de Triomphe
At the other end of the Champ Elysee, agan sights will find is a building resembling a large gate. Arch de Triomphe Napoleon was built in 1806 as a symbol of French victory. Unfortunately, "The Short" trigger Napoleon deposed before the building was completed established.

4. Place de la Concorde
Another with the story of the Place de la Concorde. Tourist attractions that are the largest square in Paris, built in 1755 in an area of 86,400 meters. The distinctive feature of this place is a monument and fountain. Formerly, the nobility laughing while watching public executions of criminals to opponents of the kingdom. Post-French Revolution, changing the faces of the bourgeoisie was the glum face execution. The name of this tour alone place changed several times. Starting from the "Place Louis XV", "Place de la Révolution", and last "Place de la Concorde" as a symbol of reconciliation

5. Notre Dame de Paris
Is an old cathedral that became one of the best heritage of French gothic architecture. Began to be built since 1163, a new cathedral was actually completed in the year 1345. addition to being a tourist spot, the cathedral "Our Lady in Paris" is still used for mass Archbishop of France. MDers who visited this place, also can enjoy the coolness of the river Seine, not far from this building.

6. Musee Du Louvre
The Louvre Museum is one of the largest art museums in the world. If you do not like the art, but want to fulfill your curiosity will be the Mona Lisa (in Paris called "la Joconde"), or may be interested because the book "The da Vinci Code", you still have to go to this museum.
Previously, the building was converted into a museum the Louvre Palace (Palais de Louvre) which was built in 1190 and had become the stage of completion of the building that looks like this time in the 1870 and 1989 Chinese American architecture, IM Pei glass pyramid which is used to make one of 3 entrance.
To be able to enjoy the museum which exhibits more than 35,000 objects of art from pre-history to the 19th century, you have to come early in the morning around 9:00 because of long lines, and you certainly will not waste your money after 9 euro pay admission.

7. Parc de Sceaux
Beautiful gardens in the south of Paris, there is no entrance fee, you can enjoy it as long as you want, picnic, take pictures in parks, canals and artificial lake front, or castle, playing ball or lay down on the grass. Transport that will bring you to the Parc de Sceaux: Metro or RER station down in Parc de Sceaux.

8. Le Pere de Lachaise
This cemetery is located at 16 rue de Repos, arrondissment 9. burial complex covering an area of 118 acres which contains the tomb of famous people like singers such as Edith Piaff, Jim Morrison, Chopin, and Oscar Wilde. Open hours of 08:00 to 19:00. The cost of free entry, maps sold 2 euros at the entrance. Graves here were like works of art, to form a large and unique tomb.

9. Musee D'Orsay
62 Rue de Lille, Paris 7th arrondissement, a longtime former train station Gare d 'Orsay built in 1898 until 1910 the second-largest art gallery in Paris is exhibiting the works of French painter of art made since 1848 to 1915 Form exhibited paintings, photographs, sculptures and furniture from artists stream impressionist and post-impressionist like Monet, Manet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Seurat, Gauguin and Van Gogh.

10. Sacre Coeur and Montmartre
Located at 35 Rue de Chevalier de la barre-, Montmartre, the Byzantine-style Basilica was built between 1876 and 1912 it became the icon that prominently in the most beautiful district of Paris. From the top of the church you will be treated to the sights of Paris which lay beneath. Walk to the other parts of Montmartre in the back of the church, you will be greeted many artists and also street cafés and cozy restaurant-cafe. Montmartre is the highest hill around Paris, known as the "home" of many world famous artists such as Dalí, Modigliani, Monet, Picasso, van Gogh, Matisse, Renoir, and Degas.

Cerita Liburan 

Bahasa Inggris

 Most Famous Entertainment Center in the World 

Enjoy the excitement of tourist sites that appear in the Transformer, Deep Impact, and I Am Legend this!
Times Square is the name of the main crossroads in Manhattan, New York City, United States. This intersection is the meeting place of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and includes the area between West 42nd to West 47th Street. The area around Times Square called the Theatre District includes blocks from east to west between Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue and between West 40th and West 53rd Street from north to south. This area is west part of the business and commercial district called Midtown Manhattan.

Exactly in the middle of Times Square are One Times Square building exterior walls and billboards fitted with widescreen TV. Intersection Times Square, formerly known as Longacre Square, but the name was changed to the intersection of Times Square since April 1904 after The New York Times moved to the new Times building was completed. Times building and renamed One Times Square until now.

Every New Year's Eve at One Times Square Building was held annual ceremony ball drop in Times Square. Times Square is often called the "Crossroads of the World" or the "Great White Way" (literal meaning: the Great Shining Path) and has achieved status as the famous landmarks in the world and a symbol of the city of New York and the United States.

Times Square area, especially the busy intersection, has been often used as the location of the story in literature, television, movies, music videos, and video games. Times Square is easily recognizable by the audience and the audience, so often there are scenes of Times Square was attacked and destroyed in a variety of films, including the movie Deep Impact depicting tourist sites were destroyed by the tsunami and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Filmmakers never change Times Square is always a frenzy into a quiet place with no one, for example in the film Vanilla Sky and I Am Legend. In the movie Basket Case, two brothers separated at a young age called "The Times Square Freak Twins" because they stay at a motel in Times Square. In addition, Times Square repeatedly used as a location for a variety of video games and television series, including Tycoon City New York and CSI: NY.

Times Square is an intersection of art and commerce are busy, where dozens of advertisements - electric boards, neon and lights and running news - race attracted the attention of visitors, some of which are:
Coca - Cola
Time Square Studios
MTV Studio Center
hours Chevrolet
Forever 21
The Hard Rock Cafe New York
planet Hollywood
Disney Store

Some buildings in Times Square:
One Time Square
Time Square Tower
New York Times Tower
Bank of America Tower
AXA Center
1500 Broadway
Paramount Theatre
Time Square Plaza

Public transportation you can use towards Times Square is a Greyhound bus and Megabus down on 42nd street and 8th avenue on Manhattan. While in New York, you can also visit other natural attractions such as Brighton Beach, The Brick Haunted House and Coney Island. Hotels to choose from in New York include Paramount Hotel Times Square New York